Credit Forms


Tech Data uses an online wizard to capture all of the required information to open a trade account, the same wizard is used for both CASH and CREDIT terms.

Once you get started on your application you’ll need to have the following close by to help you complete the process quicker:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Your company’s registration information including ABN
  • Full information about your company Directors, including their mobile phone number and email addresses
  • Information about the markets your business services
  • Trade references for us to contact to verify your business
  • A witness to verify your signature
  • Your Reseller ID’s and partner status for any of our vendor partners
  • If trading as Trustee company, you must put the Corporate Trustee Name and ABN# / ACN# and provide a copy of the “Record of Registration” for the Business Name

To start your account application online click APPLY NOW

Once submitted our customer onboarding team will assess your application and may come back to you to obtain more information. Submitting an application does not automatically guarantee you will be approved for either a cash or credit account as Tech Data has obligations to ensure we are only opening accounts for verified technology resellers or other specific customer types related to our vendors line of business.

Note: If you’re applying from overseas for a non-australian entity, please email and request an offline application form.

Enquiries and completed forms to