Smart Ask with James O’Loghlin

Discover the power of smart cities with Tech Data & Vertiv

When: Thursday 20th August | 4pm

What do London, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Reykjavik, Tokyo, and Berlin all have in common? They are amongst the world’s 10 smartest cities. But what’s a smart city? How do they work? And yes, what’s in it for you?

Join James O’Loghlin, popular television and radio presenter (including eight years hosting The New Inventors), comedian and speaker, at Smartask, our exclusive live event, to find out!

Smartask will introduce you to the world of smart cities, the technologies that power them, and the innovative opportunities they present to transform your business.

Guest speakers, Robert Linsdell, Managing Director for Vertiv ANZ, and Wendy O’Keeffe, Country General Manager, for Tech Data in Australia and New Zealand, will discuss:

  • The future of smart cities
  • How technology will connect today to tomorrow
  • What’s going to change, and why?
  • Why is everything going to hinge on delivering an outstanding CX?
  • Why is Edge so hot right now? And why is it going to get even hotter?
  • Why are Vertiv, Tech Data and you a winning partnership?
  • Where are your hot business opportunities, and in which vertical markets?
  • Just how profitable are we talking about?

The event will finish with a live Q&A session, so get your questions ready!

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