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Online Workshop on Cross-border E-commerce
and Retail Transformation

Cross border e-commerce has gained huge momentum in the last two years as customers purchase products from outside their borders. Retail businesses are facing a very fast changing market environment driven not only by borderless purchase and consumption but also tech-empowered convenience and instant trends of customers’ taste and behavior. Retail transformation is an inevitable trend, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

This workshop will guide you through:

  • how to get your retail business ready to go cross border
  • why technology is so important to your retail expansion
  • what it actually does to make you stay ahead of competitors who still relate technology to untouchable investment
  • how to exploit AI into their business operations in order to optimize customer experience and increase competitive edge

Event Details

Date: 21 May, 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 2:30 – 4:10 PM
Venue: Online Platform (Classroom link will be sent in event confirmation email)
Fee: Member $250 / Non-member HK$320
(Early bird Buy 1 get 1 Free until 15 May)
Language: Chinese

Event Details

Date: 21 May 2020 (Thursday)
Time: 2:30-4:10
Venue: Online Platform (Classroom link will be sent in event confirmation email)
Fee: Member $250 / Non-member: HK$320 (Early bird Buy 1 get 1 Free until 15 May)
Language: Cantonese

Topics & Speakers

Topic 1: Uprising Demand for Cross-Border Retail Payment
Mr. Dickson Ma,Deputy Business Development Director of AlipayHK

  • Digital payment methods are means to break the currency barriers and drive cross border retail
  • Case sharing to leverage social networking and payment platforms to attract more users
  • How global payment (collection) network help business to reach worldwide?

Topic 2: Decrypting Cross-border E-commerce & China Marketing O2O
Mr. Stanley Chan, E-Commerce Instructor, WeShop+ Academy Co-Founder

  • Decoding the forthcoming trend of offline retail
  • Pivoting to seize the enormous China market with low-cost
  • What future does Mini-program Payment bring us

Topic 3: Lead You a Successful Way to Greater Bay Areas & the World
Miss Cara Wong, Retail Industry Director, China Telecom Global Limited

  • Is your current infrastructure capable to fulfill Cybersecurity Regulations in China?
  • Ways to Enable your Business in China and worldwide Legally and Reliably
  • WhatsApp: a New E-Business & O2O Channel to Reach your Consumers Anytime Anywhere

Topic 4: Smart global retailing: How to accelerate your expansion
Mr. Tim Lo, Sales Manager, Enterprise Retail Management, Computer And Technologies Software (Hong Kong) Limited

  • Latest retail market trends
  • Technology updates for retail and POS: cloud, mobile, e-wallet and more
  • Case sharing of ChainStorePlus clients making successful regional expansion

Topic 5:The Key Enabler for a Seamless Omni-Channel Customer Experience
Mr. Ricky Yeung, Solutions Consultant of Function One Computer Services

  • Check out the latest Omni Channel trend
  • Challenges to retailers
  • Successful factors to maintain a seamless shopping experience

Topic 6: Unlock Business Value with Enterprise AI
Mr. Harry Chan, Sales & Business Manager, HK & Macau, Tech Data Computer Service (HK) Ltd.

  • Enterprise AI trend and transformation
  • Challenges for enterprise to adopt AI technologies
  • Enterprise AI use cases and technology sharing
  • Practical hints to accelerate AI journey