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CentOS shifts focus to CentOS Stream | CentOS Linux End of Support

//CentOS shifts focus to CentOS Stream | CentOS Linux End of Support
2021-03-11T07:44:31+00:00March 1st, 2021|

CentOS announced several significant changes to its roadmap and CentOS Stream is the future focus of the CentOS community (the Announcement). For better plan for the future, we are here to prepare you for the next move. In addition to official FAQ from CentOS (the FAQ), we summarized some important information for you.

CentOS Lifecycle Timeline

CentOS will shift focus to Stream, so there will not be a CentOS Linux 9
Community contributions will be curated by Red Hat in Stream

CentOS Role Changed

CentOS will be a shared space for community and Red Hat
and used as a development platform for the next version of RHEL

What’s New?

A more holistic Enterprise Linux Ecosystem for your needs
with the new role of CentOS

Contributions curated by Red Hat
Continuously delivers the next minor version of RHEL
Focused on the future of the Enterprise

Community and partners
Develop, test, contribute to next version of RHEL
Continuous stream of new content

A packaged integration of upstream
Take risks, do experiments
Focused on more than the Enterprise

Operating System Developers
OS innovation, architecture changes
Fast moving, major release every 6 months

Private until after release
Accessible only via subscription
Focused on today’s Enterprise

RHEL customers and partners
Stability, security, performance
Predictable release cadence

What’s Next?

  • Which platform is right for me?
  • How to transit without a hassle?
  • How will this change affect my current mission critical projects?
  • Any cost-effective option?
  • Where can I ask more questions?

Let’s talk to us today! We can further discuss with you on common use cases, hassle-free transition plan and service, and more. We are here to support your transition from CentOS Linux and accelerate your innovation journey.

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