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Data cost is rising high, but uncertainty is grounding enterprises away from cloud; a reliable trusted cloud platform is vital to offload the heavy burden from the ground. Enterprises have to foresee challenges before touching the sky, such as database compatibility, compliance consideration, existing investments utilization.

Join our live webinar to learn the common cloud migration challenges and solutions, discover how the cloud fits for your business, and helps to migrate with success.

Comprehensive Compliance

Compliance for national, regional
and industry-specific requirements

Hassle-free Migration

Resilient and self-healing migration
with near-zero downtime

Session Highlights

  • Distinguish the best storage options to minimize data cost
  • Learn to select the right redundancy options
  • Discover the family of SQL cloud databases supported
  • Explore out-of-the-box compliance and security measures to handle mission-critical workloads
  • Practical sharing, live Q&A, and more…
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Featured Speakers

Alex Chan
Azure Developer Associate,
Tech Data
Harry Chan
Sale & Business Manager,
Hong Kong & Macau,
Tech Data

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