Datech Solutions

Datech Solutions is a provider of value-added services to Autodesk and the Autodesk reseller channel, and a specialized solution business of
Tech Data.

Serving the evolving needs of more than 400 highly specialized Autodesk resellers worldwide, Datech‘s dedicated expertise, unique services and operational and logistical strength enable us to work together to identify and deliver individual, tailored, relevant and continuously evolving business solutions.

We to help resellers to:

  • Drive business growth by focusing on high renewal rates, switching or upselling to Autodesk Collections and new business development
  • Develop their organisations and teams to engage more effectively along the customer journey and in newly aligned opportunities
  • Extend reseller capacity to generate and execute more opportunities in the Autodesk eco-system
  • Transform their business digitally, automating their end-to-end business processes and their digital go-to-market capabilities
  • Gain strategic insights into their business through business analytics

As the Autodesk business model encompasses term-based and consumption-based subscriptions, Datech Solutions follows the FLAER methodology – Find, Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew – to develop, deploy and execute the specialized value-add with and for the resellers and Autodesk.